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Murder in the Cathedral
by T. S. Eliot
Directed by A. W. “Art” Blume
October 23-25, 2008
St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church

Michael A. Dzik Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury
Craig Rouch Messenger and Attendant
Rev. Dr. Sara Maypole Priest of Canterbury
Rev. Dr. Carolyn Wills Priest of Canterbury
Rev. Ken Wills Priest of Canterbury
Dwight E Strandberg Tempter and Knight
H. J. "Skip" Hyde Tempter and Knight
David Allan Martin Tempter and Knight
Jack Dinsmoor Tempter and Knight
C. J. Jensen
Marjorie "Margie" Drew Corcoran
Samantha "Sam" Holt
Ruth S. Dzik
Carol Rouch
 A Chorus of Women of Canterbury
C. J. Jensen Assistant Director
Sharon Groome Art Director

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